Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm moving, clear my stuffs please :)

As the title implies, InsyaAllah, I'll be leaving KL to a new place soon, for some unknown period. Alhamdulillah, something is waiting for me there :) Since masa saya limited, saya nak buat promo in which anda boleh beli items dlm blog ni dgn harga yg anda mahu. Lepas pindah, saya terpaksa stop sementara sbb tak dpt nak bawang everything along. Anyway of course, ada syarat2 :)
  • mesti beli 2 items ke atas 
  • calculate total price yg anda nak bid termasuk pos sekali (utk rate post, sila rujuk tab 'postage').
  • be reasonable ok :) contoh, kalau saya letak harga Rm20, jgn lah bid harga turun sampai RM10 :|
  • promo ni sah untuk semua items kecuali seluar jeans
To order, just email me at fbls.store@gmail.com the items code and ur price or simply fill in the order form and price dekat ' Remarks ' ok.

p/s : Just email me for anything, I don't bite! :)


RM45 including postage (negotiable)
  • skinny jeans from ROMP - originally RM80
  • color : faded grey with abstract pattern
  • size M (fits waist 26-28)
  • sgt cantik! sadly it's too fit on me now. da gemok T_T
  • worn once only, for dinner. Tengok gambar bwh. cantik kannn? :)

PT 38

RM 14 excluding postage
  • royal blue rock shirt
  • free size - fits xs-m
  • kat tepi baju ada getah, a kind of smoked side
  • worn less than thrice, in a very good condition

PJ 1

RM 45 including postage (negotiable)

  • Slim fit jeans with original price of RM80
  • from Mc Queen, Sg Wang
  • Size s (waist 26-28)
  • worn once only - in a very good condition like new!
 the owner wearing the jean :)

PT 39

RM 14 excluding postage

  •  knitted long blouse from EastWear
  • worn several times with care handwash ( baju ni xleh masuk machine)
  • labuh, but tak besar - nicely fits body xs-m :) 
  • still in a good condition 
p/s: screw the pics. baju ni cantik lg actually. Tell me if u need to see how's does it look on a body

    PS 18

    RM 8 excluding postage

    •  brand new cotton shawl, never worn
    • color cantik! susah nak cari earth green color ni
    • tepi dia actually dah ade jahit tepi. gambar ni before jahit tepi - same color :)


    RM 14 excluding postage

    • one good quality shirt from BIEM
    • Original price of rm 49
    • worn once only for interview - in x very good condition
    • nicely fits xs-m